Bullying Film Storytelling Project


In this project, we split up into groups or we worked alone to create a video that fit into My Rode Reel’s parameters.  We created plot and story lines to follow for our video.  On our storyboard, we had to list the lighting, audio, and video aspects of every clip and scene.  My group made a interview-question-and-answer type of video on bullying.  We used the same lighting and placement of equipment for every interview.  After filming, we divided and conquered editing to move things along.  We worked through issues and produced a video.


Day 1 – Start story boarding.

Day 2 – Finish story boarding.

Day 3 – Set up the filming room and start interviewing people.

Day 4 – Continue filming interviews.

Day 5 – Continue filming interviews.

Day 6 – Finish up on filming the interviews.

Day 7 – Start editing.

Day 8 – Finish editing and final touches.

Day 9 – Continue working on blog posts.

Day 10 – Finish blog posts and add any finishing touches.

Film and Project Skills Evidence

0:00 – 2:36 Throughout the whole video,  we used a hard light on the people we interviewed.  As for the mic we used, it was the RODE Mic and we used iMovie for editing (using jump cuts).

What I Learned

I learned about lighting, more about the camera, how to edit jump cuts, and how to work efficiently under pressure.  During this project,  I expanded on my knowledge of lighting, filming and editing.  As for the lighting, I learned about hard and soft light and the different lighting equipment (key light, back light, fill light).  Mr. Le Duc taught us how to clear all the settings on our cameras.  We had a limited amount of time and we had to find people to interview, interview them, and put the video together.  We had difficulties with the lighting in the filming room, but we mixed it up and turned off the lights in the actual room.  We used the lights that were overhead.  Also, we ran out of people (who wanted to be interviewed) to interview and my group and I thought that we had to start over and change our whole video idea.  That lead us to wasting time on thinking of new ideas.


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